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TPD Drill Sergeants

TPD officers were recently sued by a colleague of mine, Kevin Adams, for forcing an individual to do push ups on the side of the road to avoid receiving a traffic ticket. Many people have commented on this case and … Continue reading

War on Drugs: The Siphon

As a criminal defense attorney based out of Tulsa, OK I have seen first hand the money that the War on Drugs siphons away from our schools, healthcare, and other much more important programs. Oklahoma’s archaic drug laws cost this … Continue reading

DUI: The License Killer

One of the biggest concerns that my clients have when facing a criminal DUI charge is the effect that the charge will have on their drivers license. Most people can deal with a little probation and some fines that come … Continue reading

Pick the Right Attorney: The Lowest Price Isn’t Always a Bargain

A person facing criminal charges, whether they are felony or misdemeanor, has a very important decision to make and it is one that they may be betting their life on; picking an attorney to represent them. As a criminal defense … Continue reading

The “Bad Guys”

In the criminal justice system, especially when dealing with felonies, there seems to be a disturbing trend regarding the “bad guys”.  Our system is set up so that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty but this is not … Continue reading