The “Bad Guys”

In the criminal justice system, especially when dealing with felonies, there seems to be a disturbing trend regarding the “bad guys”.  Our system is set up so that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty but this is not the way that most judges view defendants.  As a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK I have seen it over and over again where I have a rightous motion that should be sustained but is overruled by the judge because they don’t want to let the “Bad Guy”, my client, go free.  This puts a slant on our system that is overwhelming to a criminal defendant and I am sick and tired of it. Our criminal justice system was designed to protect the accused from an overbearing government and Judges were put in place as the gate keepers of fairness, but in reality many judges are nothing more than yes men for the government. Until we have Judges that are willing to follow the law and hold those charged with enforcing the law accountable for their actions our system will be forever flawed and criminal defendants, whether guilty or innocent, will continue to pay the price with their lives and freedom.

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