Tulsa and Wagoner County 2015: Mr. Lee represented an individual who was charged with multiple counts of burglary. This client had several attorneys prior to retaining Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee entered the case at the District Court level and were preparing for trial, but in that preparation they discovered an issue with the search of their clients residence. Mr. Lee successfully argued that the searched of his client's residence was illegal and was able to obtain a dismissal of all charges.

Tulsa County 2015: Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle represented an individual charged with Felony Domestic Assault and Battery. Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle successfully fought and had the charge reduced to a misdemeanor. The client maintained his innocence and the case was taken to jury trial where Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle secured a Not Guilty verdict for their client and he elft the court room an innocent and free man.

Tulsa County 2014: Stephen Lee, Mark Cagle and Jack Gordon Jr. represented Darren Price who was accused of executing two Tulsa teenagers in Hicks Park. The crime was so heinous that the State decided to file a Bill of Particulars seeking the death penalty against Mr. Price. After a grueling three week trial the defense was able to secure a non-death verdict for Mr. Price.

Tulsa County 2013: Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle represented an individual that was charged with Murder 2 for a death that occurred during the theft of a vehicle. The State alleged that Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle's client had confessed to the crime and that they had a video tape of that confession. Despite there being a video taped "confession" Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagletook the case to jury trial. During trial the video taped "confession" was played for the jury in its entirety. Despite the alleged "confession" Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle were able to secure a not guilty verdicton all counts, saving their client from a possible life sentence.

Sequoyah County 2012: Mr. Lee represented an individual that was charged with trafficking methamphetamine and was looking at 15 years in prison. Mr. Lee was able to secure a dismissal of all charges after his motion challenging the constitutionality of his clients detention and arrest was sustained by the court.

Okmulgee County 2011: Stephen Lee, along with his colleague Mark Cagle, represented Sharon Whitecloud who was charged with First Degree Child Abuse Murder. First Degree Murder has two sentencing options: Life and Life Without Parole. Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle took the case to Jury trial where Ms. Whitecloud was acquitted of first degree murder, and was found guilty of Second Degree Manslaughter and sentenced to four years which she will only have to serve 1/3 of before she is eligible for release. Mr. Lee and Mr. Cagle’s hard work and perseverance saved their client from spending the rest of her life in prison. See the Tulsa World article.

Tulsa County 2011: Mr. Lee represented an individual that was charged with Burglary in the First Degree. The charge was amended to larceny from a dwelling at preliminary hearing and the state had offered 4 years in prison. The deal was rejected and Mr. Lee filed a Motion to Quash that was granted and the charge was reduced to misdemeanor Petit Larceny. The client received a 6 month suspended sentence, no jail time, saving the client many years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Tulsa County 2011: Stephen Lee represented an individual charged with DUI. Mr. Lee’s client was accused of running a red light which led to his arrest for DUI. Mr. Lee investigated the incident and discovered that his client could not have ran a red light as the police claim because there was no light at the intersection were the offense allegedly occurred. Mr. Lee filed a Motion to Quash arrest which was sustained and the case against his client was dismissed.

Tulsa County 2011: Mr. Lee represented an individual that was charged with an aggravated assault and battery for a fight in which the alleged victim received a broken eye socket. Mr Lee vigorously represented his client and the state was forced to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor assault and battery. After the reduction to a misdemeanor Mr. lee took the case to jury trial and received a not guilty verdict. The not guilty not only insured that his client would not be going to prison but also made it possible for his client to get the incident completely removed from his record.

Tulsa County 2010: Criminal defense attorney Stephen Lee represented and individual that was charges with DUI drugs and two counts of possession of a controlled drug. Mr. Lee filed a motion to quash and suppressed and successfully argued that all charges should be dismissed against his client.

Tulsa County 2010: Stephen Lee represented an individual charged with DUI; after vigorous representation Mr. Lee was able to suppress the State’s blood test which resulted in a dismissal of all charges against his client.

Tulsa County 2010: Mr. Lee was hired to represent an individual who was charged with Felony Driving Under the Influence charge which carried up to five years in State Prison. Due to Mr. Lee’s clients history, namely a felony charge from years before, the only offer the prosecution made was for the maximum term of five years. Mr. Lee proceeded to put on the preliminary hearing and capitalized on a mistake by the prosecution which resulted in the dismissal of the felony charge against his client; saving his client from years in prison.

Owasso 2010: Mr. Lee represented a young man who was accused of possession of marijuana while at school. This charge was not serious in the sense that it carried jail time but it was very serious to the individual due to the fact that it would negatively impact his chances of getting into a good college. Mr. Lee filed a Motion to Suppress statements made by his client, to the principal, that led to the drugs. Mr. Lee’s Motion was sustained and the charges were dismissed and removed from his client’s record, allowing his client to apply to college without a criminal record.

Rogers County 2010: Stephen Lee represented a young man charged with Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, which carries up to 5 years in prison, for borrowing a friends vehicle. Although it sounds like simple case that would be dismissed the prosecution would not back down and continued to proceed forward with the charges. Mr. Lee eventually obtained a dismissal by means of a motion to quash that the district court sustained and Mr. Lee’s client was free from all charges.

Muskogee County 2009: Stephen Lee represented a former inmate of Jess Dunn Correctional facility who had been charged with Possession of Contraband in a Correctional Facility which carried up to 20 years in prison. The State had alleged that the defendant was in possession of tobacco, illegal drugs and assorted contraband while he was incarcerated. The State offered a plea deal of seven years to the defendant which was rejected due to the fact that the crime, for which the defendant had been charged, occurred almost two years prior to the defendant being brought to court to answer to the charges. Mr. Lee obtained a dismissal of all charges based on a Speedy Trial motion and the defendant walked out of the court room a free man.

Rogers County 2009: Stephen Lee represented a young man, 21 years old, who was charged with felony possession of marijuana which carried a sentence of 2-10 years in prison. Mr. Lee’s client was a passenger in a vehicle where marijuana was located and was subsequently charged with possession of the marijuana. The State had offered 4 years in prison which was rejected. Mr. Lee subsequently obtained a dismissal of all charges based on Dominion and Control and the client was a free man.

Tulsa County 2008: Stephen Lee represented a client who had an application to accelerate filed against her do to the fact that she had absconded for 6 years, failing to report to probation or pay any fines. The offer from the DA was four years to begin with and was dropped to 2 years the day of hearing. The deal was refused and a hearing held, after all testimony was taken the Judge ordered Mr. Lee’s client to serve 4 weekends in county jail as a sanction. Mr. Lee’s aggressive representation of his client saved her several years in prison